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essDOCS Carrier & Logistics Solutions

essDOCS enables carriers and logistics players to digitize trade operations via a secure, web-based solution. 

Freight-forwarders/3PLs use CargoDocs DocHub to collaboratively create, review and approve paper or electronic documents with their supply chain – covering bills of lading, certificates of origin, invoices, sales of goods contracts and more

Carriers, Shipowners, Agents and Surveyors use CargoDocs DocEx to electronically sign and legally transfer title eDocs – leveraging the world's largest, legally-approved eB/L network.

Carriers & Logistics Players

Benefits for Carriers & Logistics Players

  • Access eB/Ls & supporting eDocs in real-time, enabling faster vessel turnaround
  • Significantly accelerate your processes for doc creation, signing and distribution, therefore allowing vessels to leave the loadport faster
  • Carriers discharge to an original eB/L rather than an LOI, allowing you to remain within your P&I cover at all times
  • Make amendments alomst instanteneously – always securely
  • Substantially reduce fraud risks
  • Gain added control & visibility across your entire fleet 
  • Collaboratively draft documents with all relevant parties, eliminating errors requiring amendments later 
  • Gain a commercial advantage through improved service to your customers
  • Free up personnel to focus on key tasks, eliminating need to attend vessel to have documents signed/counter-signed

All Carrier & Logistics Solutions

Paperless Solutions

Secure, cloud-based solution that enables collaborative drafting, review & approval of paper or electronic documents with your supply chain

Secure, cloud-based solution that enables electronic signing and legal transfer of title (and supporting) documents

eDocs enabled

Original liner (house or ocean) eB/L or bulk charterers straight negotiable eB/L built on the world’s largest eB/L network

Original negotiable or non-negotiable Warehouse Warrants or Warehouse Receipts

Electronically apply for and issue original chamber of commerce signed & stamped eCOs

Original receipts and supporting docs allowing for digitization of load and discharge doc sets

Electronic version of the FIATA Bill of Lading for freight forwarders & logistics companies

Shipping & Doc Instructions (SI & DI)

Electronic solution to submit SI to container line or forwarder, and DI to forwarder or agent


Electronic version of Safety DataSheets (SDS) required under REACH, GHS, OSHA and other similar legislation

Integration/Single Signon

Add-on to any CargoDocs solution to allow for straight-through processing of data, eliminating data re-entry and multiple signons

Online/Onsite Training

Add-on to any CargoDocs solution for more personalized training

Data Matching/Smart Contracts

Add-on to any CargoDocs solution to enable automation of key processes


Add-on module to DocHub and DocEx providing key trade KPIs