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CargoDocs ePresentation + AI

CargoDocs ePresentation plus Artificial Intelligence (ePres + AI) enables banks to partially digitize and automate various tasks relating to paper documents received under any trade instrument. The solution is powered by a powerful machine learning engine which utilizes Natural Language Processing (NPL).

ePres+AI can be used in conjunction with any number of smart tools such as: (i) automated compliance checking; (ii) automated matching of data within the documents and the relevant trade instrument; and (iii) automated activity-driven payment processing.

Key Features

  • Secure delivery of scanned documents from customer via CargoDocs
  • CargoDocs leverages OCR and machine learning to provide the Bank with data extracts of the paperwork; initial target accuracy of 90+%
  • Bank provided with: (i) scanned documents, (ii) data output and (iii) transactional compliance report
  • On receipt of paper originals, Bank uses CargoDocs validation tool, to ensure that originals presented match the scanned version
  • Ability to automate doc checking and payment processes through smart tools




  • Ability to use with all your customers, even those that are not CargoDocs users
  • Option to commence checks in advance of arrival of paper originals
  • Significant resource saving in processes involving data reentry, compliance and checking
  • Ability to significantly automate paper-heavy processes
  • Stepping stone to fully digitized trade finance solution


Contact us for fees for trialing or operational use of CargoDocs ePres+AI