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essDOCS Consulting guides and assists banks and corporates in the adoption of FinTech Solutions that enable Digital Trade and Supply Chain Finance.

Established in September 2015, our consulting arm is the centrepoint of a strategic essDOCS initiative to provide customers with pragmatic, expert support and advice in their transition towards adopting/embedding FinTech solutions and eDocs into their business


Expert Assistance and Support for Banks:

  • in your transition from a current “as is” paper-based supply chain finance environment towards a futureproof “to be” paperless trade handling set up
  • in adopting electronic documents (eDocs) and FinTech solutions for your trade transaction and supply chain finance processes
  • in training your teams, ranging from in-house training sessions to external, tailor-made workshops managed and moderated on your behalf

Expert Assistance and Support for Corporates:

  • in adopting and smoothly transitioning to FinTech Solutions such as Bank Payment Obligations (BPOs), eUCP Presentations and eDocs
  • in optimizing your working capital through trade and supply chain finance digitization
  • in optimizing your risk mitigation through trade and supply chain finance digitization
  • in automating your trade and supply chain finance processes, across the board

Access to Expertise

‘Paperless Trade’ is in our DNA. Headed by an expert team possessing over 25 years’ experience in dealing with complex customer problems, we deliver a wealth of knowledge and expertise to support customers in any transition from inefficient paper-based processes to completely digitized, automated solutions that enhance efficiency, speed, visibility and auditability.

essDOCS Consulting is structured to channel this know-how and make it readily available to our customers, thus avoiding any need for you to ‘reinvent the wheel,’ or spend too much time gathering all the necessary information and knowledge required to enable an optimal transition to digitized processes.

As the world’s leading enabler of paperless trade, we’re positioned to expertly support, advise and transfer this knowledge based on any specific client need.


essDOCS Consulting is led by Jacco de Jong, who serves as Managing Director of the company.

Jacco brings with him vast knowledge and expertise in both the trade finance and technology space, having advised major banks and organizations in his capacity as Commercial Director of TradeWiz for over a decade, in addition to possessing over 25 years’ experience in the banking sector through his varying capacities as advisor, VP and certified trade & supply chain finance specialist for corporates as well as many commercial and development banks across the globe.

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P.O.Box 71806 
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T: +31 641 632 419